Roaring Springs Ranch Club General Information

RSRC Facts

Member owned, managed, and operated with a Board of Directors elected by members each year.


Ranch land, consisting of 746 acres, including the South Pease River, fishing lake, and golf course, is free of mortgage.


Has 164 campsites in five different campgrounds, with water and electric hook ups with 51/30/20 and two dump stations.


Rest room shower buildings near each campground.


Guest House and Chapel. Recreational facilities: swimming pool, walking / hiking trails, fishing and golf.

Membership Information
Price of Membership $2,595.00
Option 1 - One Time Payment
One time initial fee
Sales Tax
Quarterly Dues
Grand Total Due
Option 2 - Payment Plan
20% Down Payment
Sales Tax
Quarterly Dues
Total Due
Amount Financed at 8% for 12 months
Monthly Payment for 12 months
Cost of Finance (Interest)
Total Loan Payback with Interest
Total Payback with Interest

$148.22---PER QTR.

$296.44---PER ½ YEAR

$444.66---PER 3 QUARTERS

$592.88---PER YEAR

2017 RSRC Fee List

Golf Membership

Timeframe: June 1 through May 31 of the next year
Single golf dues ‐ $223.13
Single parent, one associate ‐ $334.69
Couple or family ‐ $446.25
Associate only - $111.56
Daily Green's fee - $17
Daily Green's fee - $25 for Guests
Guests can only play when accompanied by a Member
State Sales Tax on all above items

To apply for membership at the Roaring Spring Ranch Club, download the membership application below.


1001 FM 3203

Roaring Springs, Texas 79526

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